Subject: RE: NetBSD installation problem
To: 'Anders Magnusson' <>
From: Yuri N.Gaystruk <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/30/1997 18:10:04
>We start with this:
>> 2..
>> -MUA0
>> 1..0..
>> ? 50 SCB2NDINT, MUA0
>> ? 06 HLT INST
>>           PC=00000C1A
>I am rather sure that this problem is _not_ NetBSD related, it happens
>before the NetBSD boot blocks are loaded. I think that it is caused by
>the way that the tapes are written. I remember a couple of years ago 
>that people ran into very strange problems when trying to create boot
>tapes from VMS. IIRC this may happen if the tape had previously been
>written with other block size, for example. VMS didn't rewrite it with
>the new blocksize.

I think that problem is in NetBSD boot loader, because:
1) version 11A tk50-file1-11A start boot process from tape, but don't
finish it.
The words "howto 0x03 dev 012 ....booting" appear on the terminal and
then :-(
unknown error (error 20) ...
2) from disk (ra1) boot process with tk50-file1-11A finished successful.
So I have installed NetBSD on my system with boot 11A and kernel 12C on
first system disk (ra0).
3) I rewrite boot tapes with file1-12C version with NetBSD  dd command,
result is the same.
4) VMS boot from this device standalone, so device is support boot

But I have the next big problem in my NetBSD/vax:

first access after boot to ra1:
#disklabel ra1
ra1: no disk label: size 1312290 sectors
disklabel: /dev/rra1c: device not configured

I execute command:
/dev/MAKEDEV ra1 
MAKEDEV report that all files already exist
But disklabel don't want label or read disk ra1.
Disk is the same type as first, from which system boot: Fujitsu M2263SA