Subject: Re: NetBSD installation problem
To: None <>
From: Robert Byer <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/28/1997 11:20:43

>> 2..
>> -MUA0
>> 1..0..
>> ? 50 SCB2NDINT, MUA0
>> ? 06 HLT INST
>>           PC=00000C1A

One other thing.

When I ran into this problem recently it was not because of the boot tapes 
as they ran just fine in another MicroVAX-II I had, it was because of the 
way the cards were positioned in my backplane.

I have found that on some cabinets that Q/CD slot 4 I can put two half 
hight cards in just fine.  But on others I can only put a single card in 
the top half and nothing in the bottom (which was my problem).  I was 
putting a quad controller that works fine in a regular Q/Q slot into this 
slot and it was causing this.  Then I tried moving the ethernet card and 
the TK50 controller to these positions and then the TK50 stopped working 
and that when I realized I had a problem.

Taking these boards to another machine and putting the disk controller in 
the Q/CD slot 4 worked just fine.  Moving the disk controller to another 
slot and putting the ethernet and TK50 controller here worked just fine 

I have run into this with three different machines that I own here and have 
yet to really figure it out.

So if you have this problem, try moving your cards around.

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