Subject: Re: 1.2G is my friend.
To: Brian D Chase <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/27/1997 10:15:57
Brian D Chase drunkenly mumbled...
> A VAX is a VAX (well for the most part).  The binaries should run on any
> of the VAXen.  Maybe not the MicroVAX I, but then NetBSD doesn't (or won't
> ever) run on that one -- so it doesn't matter.

so what you are saying is i can take your kernel and dd it to a floppy and boot
my vs2k from said floppy?? (this wasn't true in the bast, just making sure)

> Also, it's no big deal really.  I'm sure lots of others who have been
> keeping up with the incremental changes from 1.2C to 1.2G didn't
> experience nearly as many headaches as I did... at least not all at once.
> :-)  

i haven't even gotten NetBSD on the vs2k yet due to lack of time and the
amount of effort that it looked like it was going to take. i had several
other more "important" projects i was working on, they are all done now so
i can start to spend some time on my vax and sun3 hardware.  i hope the 1.2G
snapshot is a breeze to install on the vs2k!! :)

> For the fancy free and diskless workstation hordes, it should just be a
> matter of untarring the binaries and slapping in their kernel of choice.
> The Bertram flavored 1.2G kernel should work fine for VS2000 and VS3100
> users.

great!!!  where do i get it from!!  (i'm not worried about anything else right
now, i just want to see this thing boot!!

> Still before sharing my binaries, I first want to recompile 1.2G-current
> under my 1.2G-current(-1 week) build.  I can also use this recompile time
> to figure out how to cleanly package my installed system like the snapshot
> binaries are.  Anyone know if their is something like a `make snapshot'?

i have absolutely no problem with waiting another week or two for a snapshot.
hell, i've waited long enough already. :) what's another two weeks after the
uhm, 4 or 5 months i've had the vs2k and it hasn't run! :)


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