Subject: Re: 1.2G is my friend.
To: David Evans <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/26/1997 21:27:24
On Fri, 27 Jun 1997, David Evans wrote:

> Brian D Chase wrote:
> > There are half a dozen or more key utilities which need
> > recompiling before you should even dare to compile 1.2G with the latest
> > 1.2C snapshot.

>   So you compiled the 1.2G versions, installed those over top of the 1.2C
> versions, and carried on?  Let me guess--nroff?  ;)  Was the process a pain,
> really annoying, or actually tricky?

No, not just nroff... More like config, make, the make templates, a whole
bunch of C libraries, install, nroff, swapctl (running out of memory due
to swapping), and maybe a couple others I'm forgeting.  Not to mention
contending with kernel panics, and tricky obstacles in various stages of
my week-long make process.   The nroff gunk was easy once Bertram
explained fixing it by compiling it unoptimized.

Now that I've got a pretty clean 1.2G system, I believe rebuilding 1.2G
should go fairly smoothly.  I also want to recompile all the sources
because I fear in my late-night bleary eyed attempts to dodge make
failures, I may have commented out something important which subsequently
didn't get built. :-) 

Feel free to compile it all yourself, but you've been warned!

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