Subject: RE: How About Some Images for 1.2G?
To: Gunnar Helliesen <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/21/1997 20:21:24
On Sun, 22 Jun 1997, Gunnar Helliesen wrote:
> AFAIK this has been broken since version 1.something. Something to do
> with a lot of C++ code that no one wants to touch... ;-)

Bertam's suggestion of compiling the sources under src/gnu/usr.bin/groff
without the -O optimizations worked great.

# setenv NOMAN 1
# make clean ; make "CFLAGS=" ; make install

This produced a viable set of *roff commands.  Once I got those installed,
I was able to unset the NOMAN environment variable and continue compiling
other normally.

Of course I bumped my head into a few other walls as well.  If you're
moving from the snapshot of 1.2C, you're going to not only want to remake
config and remake *roff without optimization.  You'll also need to remake
the make command itself AND install the files under src/usr/share/mk.
Otherwise `make build' from the top level source directory fails.

Also, during the `make build' the make includes failed when it got to
src/sys/arch/vax/boot, and it failed again when it got to one of the
directories under src/domestic.  (I've commented out the SUBDIR+=boot from
the src/sys/arch/vax/Makefile, and SUBDIR+=domestic from the top level
Makefile to get around the problems).  Non-US people shouldn't have to
worry about the domestic directory anyway.

Phew, and I'm still just in the make includes section of make build
(having restarted the process twice already).

Oh yeah, also had to remake the install program because it didn't like my
NFS mounted root filesystem.  I remade it once to see if that would
reticfy its behavior, but it wasn't until I first remade and installed the
C libraries under src/lib and then built it from the src/usr.bin/xinstall
directory that it began behaving.

In summary, if you're starting clean with the latest NetBSD/vax 1.2C
snapshot, you're in for some interesting times if you're planning a
do-it-yourself approach to moving to 1.2G.

What an adventure.
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