Subject: Re: Cross compiling kernel....
To: None <>
From: Boris Gjenero <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/20/1997 10:26:55 wrote:
>  It's offtopic, but, maybe, anybody here can help me.
> I cannot make Cross Compiler (gcc- from i386-linux to vax-netbsd.
> It needs cross-compiling binutils, and I am not able to make ld.... It's just
> havent any configurations for vax-netbsd.... So, what shall I do?
> Can I get ld sources directly from NetBSD and recompile it for Linux, and
> is it possible to use linux ar and NetBSD libraryes?
>  Or, if somebody already have cross compiler for linux, where can I download
> binaries?
>  best wishes 2 U all,
> VSL aka Mauhuur

I had a simillar problem.  I could easily compile gcc-2.7.2 for
vax-dec-netbsd, but binutils just don't have such a configuration. 
Well, I ported NetBSD ld, ar, as and ranlib to Linux.  All of this is
sufficient to cross-compile many programs but it is not sufficient to
cross-compile the kernel because it needs more programs.  However, I
guess it wouldn't be too much trouble to port more tools now that I've
already done some.

Anyways, I've got the binaries and modified sources for this.  If you
want them from me, e-mail me.

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