Subject: problems resolved
To: 'Kevin Zachmann' <>
From: Yuri N.Gaystruk <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/20/1997 17:34:34
The files tk50-fileX from the distribution kit 11A have helped me to
version 12C NetBSD on my microVax3600 with UC07/08 Emulex SCSI,
but not at once...
At first I have taken the first file from 11A, but the load from a tape
has not gone
because of a unknown error 20, but the message " howto ..." has
>From VMS I have copied first file to the second disk of the my system.

Mount /fore dua1:
Copy /contig...
B/3 dua1:
The load has passed successfully!!!
Then I have installed miniroot 12C, but after

disklabel - B ra0

The system has refused to be loaded from dua0: with the old message
? 50 SCB2NDINT , DUA0 ...

Then I have taken miniroot 11A from FTP and everything has turned out!
raboot image from 11A is more compatible with my system.
I have installed a kernel from 12C, but boot it was necessary to take
from 11A.

All is right, but the message from ethernet controller 
periodically appear on console:
/netbsd: qe0: ring overrun, resync'd by skipping 3

digit may be any. What it is? Who know?

Kevin! Senk You for help!!!

Best regards,