Subject: Re: uVAX II/GPX
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Allison J Parent <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/19/1997 13:05:55
> The disk has, if anything, MicroVMS on it.  I have no interest in
> preserving it; but on the flip side, I can't use what's on there for
> anything - if there's an OS there, I have no login on it.

It's easy to break into the microvms or vms as you can get physical access
to the break switch and set for minimum system boot.  There is a fair amount 
of free VMS software VIA decus and otherwheres.

> I have a monitor and keyboard that work with this, at least enough for
> the ROMs to talk to.

Pull them, wrap them in al-foil and put them aside.  NetBSD does not support 
them as last I heard as a console device.  Use a real terminal (Vt100, 220, 
320, 420...).  Get going without them then consider them for an xterminal.
FYI the roms are smart enough to know if they are there or to use the serial 
console port.

Also q-bus is a serial bus-grant for device interrupts.  So if you pull a 
card move them up accordingly.

> How much of this does NetBSD/vax support?  I'd _like_ to use this thing
> as an X terminal, eventually.  However, I note that the VAX INSTALL
> document on claims there's no standalone driver for the
> DEQNA and hence no diskless boot capability, which would be a problem
> since I have no way to write TK50s.  Is this still true?  I'm not
> afraid of getting my hands dirty in the code, if for example I need to
> create a standalone DEQNA driver from the main one...though setting up
> a VAX cross-compile environment could be a bit interesting.

M7546 is the tk-50 interface card.  All you need is the drive and it can be 
installed where the floppy is.

NOTE: people scream the DEQNA doesn't work.  It's a bit buggy and 
fails(usually completely due to component failure) but, if you have a good 
one use it.  It is supported through VMS V6 that I know of but not as a 
Vaxcluster NI.

Find any hardware manuals you can.