Subject: uVAX II/GPX
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/19/1997 10:49:15
I have just acquired a MicroVAX-II/GPX (according to the front-panel
label) and of course would like to run NetBSD/vax on it.

The machine has an RD53 (which I'm told is about 70 megs, gee, how
enormous), a TK50, and a DEQNA.  Looking at what's in the cardcage, I

left/top half                   |               right/bottom half
------------------------------ CPU ------------------------------
--------------------- Memory (8M, I hope :-) --------------------
--- grant continuity filler --- | ------------ empty ------------
------------ DEQNA ------------ | --- grant continuity filler ---
----------------------------- M7169 -----------------------------
----------------------------- M7168 -----------------------------
------------ M7555 ------------ | ------------ M7546 ------------

The M7169 and M7168 boards have private cables connecting them, and the
M7169 is connected to the monitor connector on the back panel; I
therefore assume those two are collectively the GPX part of the name.
The M7555 and M7546 have cables leading off to the front; I am sure one
is the TK50 controller and the other is the RD53 controller, but don't
feel like pulling it apart enough to check out which is which.

The disk has, if anything, MicroVMS on it.  I have no interest in
preserving it; but on the flip side, I can't use what's on there for
anything - if there's an OS there, I have no login on it.

I have a monitor and keyboard that work with this, at least enough for
the ROMs to talk to.

How much of this does NetBSD/vax support?  I'd _like_ to use this thing
as an X terminal, eventually.  However, I note that the VAX INSTALL
document on claims there's no standalone driver for the
DEQNA and hence no diskless boot capability, which would be a problem
since I have no way to write TK50s.  Is this still true?  I'm not
afraid of getting my hands dirty in the code, if for example I need to
create a standalone DEQNA driver from the main one...though setting up
a VAX cross-compile environment could be a bit interesting.

					der Mouse

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