Subject: Re: arp -s
To: Oscar Oberg <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/18/1997 12:33:34
Yep, the as of yet unreleased rev 0.2 of the netboot HOWTO has got the
information in it.  Almost there.

I've been holding out for some mods to the scsi driver related to VS3100's
with less than two SCSI controllers.  Barring a real fix, now that I'm
sort of like the Village Idiot of compiling NetBSD/VAX -- I'm planning on
compiling some new kernels with support for `ncr1' and `ncr0' removed.

This should (I'm hoping) allow less fortunate VS3100 owners with to
network boot their machines even if they don't have a super sleek
SCSI/SCSI controller in their fiery fast VS3100.

For the record, Enrik Berkhan tracked the problem down to Linux's RARP and
Alan Cox suggested the fix of running arp -s before running rarp -s. 


On Wed, 18 Jun 1997, Oscar Oberg wrote:

> I don't have time to look through the entire FAQ at the moment, but if
> it's not in there, maybe something should be added about that linux bug
> thing, the one where you have to use both "arp -s" and "rarp -s" for rarp
> and bootparams to work correctly. Since I added a:

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