Subject: Re: Bad day for Brian, worse day for Oscar...
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/18/1997 14:21:56
> > Sorry Oscar... the config file you sent me "PIGLET" doesn't
> > jibe with the new *improved* config utility which coexists
> > with 1.2G.
> >
> > ---
> > atari-vax# config PIGLET
> > PIGLET:16: syntax error
> > PIGLET has no configurations!
> > *** Stop.
> > atari-vax#
> > ---
> OK.. could someone take a look at this then:
> ...
> config          netbsd root on sd0a type ffs swap on sd0b
> ...
> The "config netbsd root on" etc. line is line 16.

The problem is in that specific line.  This is the new swap code
showing it's consequences.  I just upgraded my i386 from 1.2E to
1.2G, and this is what I think would be the appropriate procedure
for a VAX system (which deviates slightly from what I did):

 o First, remove the "swap on sd0b" from the config.  Config a
   kernel and compile it.  In the new scheme of things the locations
   of possible swap spaces are no longer hardwired in the kernel.

 o Install the new header files ("make includes" from /usr/src)

 o Compile the new C library  ("make cleandir all install" from
   /usr/src/lib/libc -- I think this is the one important library
   needed to provide the C hook for the new swapctl system call).

 o Compile the new "swapctl" program and install it.

 o Create an entry in /etc/fstab similar to

	/dev/sd0b none swap sw 0 0

   pointing at your swap partition.

 o Substitute "swapon -a" in /etc/rc with "swapctl -A" (if you're
   already running the new /etc/rc, you can copy the new version
   from /usr/src/etc/rc).

 o Reboot with the new kernel compiled above, and you can proceed
   to compile the rest of user-land (e.g. with a "make build"
   from /usr/src).

What I ended up doing on my 64MB P120 was that I didn't rebuild the
libraries and swapctl before rebooting, so I ran without swapping
while starting a "nice make build", and I built the new swapctl
right after the new libraries had been installed.  That worked fine
in my case, but will probably not work as well (or at all) on a VAX
with substantially less physical memory.

- H=E5vard