Subject: Good Bob!
To: Robert Smith <>
From: Rick GC <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/16/1997 22:45:57
>Ok, so RIck complained, kept nagging, and NOW we are all getting up to speed
>faster and better than before!
>So, I have to say thanks for complaining Rick!
>Ragge, Gunnar, Brian, everyone, Thanks for making NetBSD available
>and viable!
>bad bob

Bob is not BAD! Really your closer to the truth than not. Just call me
"Ricknag" from now on or at least until I figure out how to get these TK50
Images to work so I'll stop seeing other people's postings (like mine) that
say they can't make it to first base! If we can't get some minimal system
running how can we help?