Subject: Re: Bugs being fixed.
To: Brian Hechinger <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/16/1997 20:12:22
On June 16, you wrote:
> >   Hey man...NetBSD/vax started out on a VAX-11/750.  Roughtly 1/8 the
> > speed of a 3100/38.  Don't complain. ;)
> speaking of which i should really power up the 11/750 and try to get NetBSD on
> it. :)

  Go for it! :-)

> Eric Chet (who i know because i work with him) and about 12 other people are
> working on SMP support for the x86 familiy under FreeBSD.  it looks good.
> needs a bit of work yet, but they have made much progress.  after they get
> things cleaned up i heard rumors of the NetBSD crew using their work to get
> SMP working under the NetBSD/i386 line, i don't know how relevant that is to
> SMP/vax, but it is a start at least i'm sure.

  That's excellent news!  This being NetBSD, I'm sure there'll be some
motivation for making as much of it machine-independent as possible.
I really hope that happens.

                     -Dave McGuire