Subject: Re: port problems and approaches...
To: Allison J Parent <>
From: Andy Sporner <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/16/1997 10:57:18
Allison J Parent wrote:
> What I do not have:
>  Any other platform running any *nix.  There is a small chance I may be
>  able to get ultrix vax.  No counting on that.
> At this point I have know good hardware running known software reliably
> with an eithernet connection between them. Also importantly common media
> in the form of RD53s, TK50s and eithernet.
> By good fortune and someone elses effort I have a TK50 with BSD on it that I
> will try to load in the uVAX-II RD53.
> Now after all that... before I do much else is there anything I need to
> know going in?  Also At verying point I may have questions that could be
> trivial or really extreme and laughing is not an option.  ;-)

I am now doing all of my compiles on my Sequent machine.  Sending 6 486
after the problem in parallel really makes things fly.  I have GCC 2.7.2
on this 
machine and the related tools.  If this is not fast enough, I guess I
can steal time
on one of the company machines that have 22 166Mhz pentiums and things
would get 
done much faster ;-)  My own humble little machine is fast enought