Subject: Re: Alright, damnit, this is getting annoying.
To: Anders Magnusson <>
From: Brian Hechinger <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/13/1997 11:16:26
Anders Magnusson drunkenly mumbled...
> Actually, compiling a tailored 4.3BSD Release kernel on a 11/750
> took about 6 hours on RA81 disks, but only four with RM80. Disk speed
> are significant, obviously.

there is much truth to this.  i tried doing a 'make build' on my i386 box
which (due to lack of space) NFS mounted the source tree and also put the
resulting object files on the NFS mount.  4 days of solid running and it
hadn't finished yet (and then the NFS mounted drive ran out of space. anyone
have a few spare [free] 2G drives?? *G*) borrowed a 1G disk from a friend and
the machine did the 'make build' in less than 24 hours (not exactly sure as
i wasn't around when it finished)

> A kernel under 4.2BSD on a 11/780 only took about an hour to compile.
> But that was _long_ time ago :-)

ah, but the /780 is a hell of a lot faster than a /750 then too. :)


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