Subject: Re: Alright, damnit, this is getting annoying.
To: Boris Gjenero <>
From: David Evans <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/12/1997 14:54:14
Boris Gjenero wrote:
> Curt Sampson wrote:
> > 
> > Having a cross-compiler set up would probably be a really, really
> > big boon for anyone working on a VAX. My PPro150 can compile the
> > world and a kernel in well under three hours. My uVAX 2000 would
> > probably take more like 3 days. :-)

  3 days?  Pah!  Try a week!

> I agree.  Official cross-compiling support within NetBSD would probably
> be the best way to go.  Such a thing may be a bit hard to do now, but I
> think that the benefits of having something like that in an OS that
> supports so many architectures is a great idea.

  For sure.  Like Boris I poked around trying to make a cross build system
(in my case under AIX) but didn't get that far.  I only tried for about an
hour, though.

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