Subject: Re: Alright, damnit, this is getting annoying.
To: Allison J Parent <>
From: Kevin McQuiggin <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/11/1997 21:18:02
At 10:15 PM 97/06/11 -0400, Allison J Parent wrote:
>If 1.1 vax is stable and runs then it's the platform to start at.  Atleast
>from 1.1 you can compile... that's better than from the bootroms.

I ran 1.1A on my Microvax II with success for a long time, but it got
screwed up when I tried to update some of the tools so that I could compile
a kernel. I now have 1.2 installed but it's quite unstable. Can't compile a
kernel, no way, no how. Or it compiles but won't run. And the binaries for
1.1A are nowhere to be found so there's no way to go back. This all started
because I wanted to work on the ts11 driver for the project. Screwed up the
machine big time, now I'm outta here waiting for another stable release to
come along...


Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD