Subject: Re: QDSS and X
To: Boris Gjenero <>
From: David Evans <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/11/1997 16:53:22
Boris Gjenero wrote:
> I have noticed that there is QDSS driver code in the kernel.  However,
> it isn't listed as supported hardware and there are no corresponding
> lines in the config file ("qd0 on uba0").  So, could NetBSD/vax actually
> use a QDSS or not? 

  Currently I believe not.  According to Rick Macklem those QDSS and QVSS
drivers work but follow the 4.3 Reno device interface scheme.  He seemed to
think that it wouldn't take that much work to make them go with NetBSD but no
one has done it yet.  I would if I had the time...

> Also, what about 4.3BSD and 4.4BSD-Lite?  The sources seem to be on the
> net in various places, they also have VAX support, and they definitely
> seem to have MicroVAX II and QDSS support.

  Any functional version of 4.3 is encumbered, so you can't really run it
legally.  I don't really know about 4.4.

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