Subject: RE: Alright, damnit, this is getting annoying.
To: Robert Byer <>
From: Johnny Billquist <bqt@Update.UU.SE>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/11/1997 21:49:43
> >> So I downloaded the latest 1.2c (970315), and it didn't work
> >> either. I seem to recall seeing something in the archives about using
> >> the 1.1 boot+edlabel+copy file and the 1.2 mini-root. If this will work,
> >> can anyone please tell me where I can get the 1.1 boot+etc file? It's
> >> not available on (or at least, I can't find it).
> >
> >  I could never get my uVax to boot the 1.2C TK50 snapshot; I used the RX50
> >ones instead.  Of course I was writing the TK50 on a hightly suspect TK50Z,
> >which may have hosed me.
> I was told to check my controller to make sure it was sitting on the right
> address, so I did and it was set correctly.  I then loaded my diagnostics
> tape to make sure that nothing else was wrong with my system or that something
> else wasn't causing a conflict, it found none and everything is just fine.
> So I guess I'll those of us that are in the same boat will just have to
> live with using the 1.1 version of copy until whatever the problem is
> (if their is one to be found) can be solved.

This might, or might not be relevant for you.

I had problems with the 1.2 boot, as well as xxboot on my 3500. It turned
out to be a problem in the CPU identification code in the system, so that
it halted immediately instead of running. The problem is not in the system
itself, so using a hacked version of boot and xxboot, everything works

More specifically, the problem of identifying the system correctly causes
the standalone programs to use the wrong method to write to my console.


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