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Date: 06/10/1997 18:26:27
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From: (Mike Stubblefield)
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Subject: digging through my warehouses
Date: Mon, 09 Jun 1997 18:16:43 GMT
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Hi all. I hope this is not inappropriate for these newsgroups, if it is, 
please tell me and I will shut up...

I was going through my warehouses the other day and starting to separate 
things I do not need in the DEC and related areas and I came up with the 

I have about 200-300 SCSI 1.2 gb F/H disk drives - all are good. These were 
plucked from intergraph workstations or from one of the supporting OEM's.  the 
drives are full height and about 11-13 ms access time. While they won't do 
well for those of you who need tuns and tuns of storage, they work excellently 
as replacement dec drives in vaxes and vaxstations and decstations and Alphas. 

These work great on my vaxes - THanks again to everyone who helped me through 
the crisis and I have temporarily solved the miswriting RA drives by simply 
pulling them offline and replacing them with SCSI drives and controllers... So 
I know they are fully compatible with dec vms. The scsi controllers I have 
think the 1.2gb drives are RA-81 emulation, but they format to 1.230gb so you 
get the benefit of all 1.2gigs... A great replacement if you have RA-91 - and 
much faster too.

I have about an equal dispersion of Fujitsu (I think 2294) but I am not 
certain on the numerology,  and Hitachi DK-516C - I am certain about that... 
They all worked when they were removed from equipment, but of course I am 
going to sell them as-is-where-is; but at what I am asking, I think you could 
afford to buy more than one....

I am going to ask $ 100.00 ea. or 2 for $ 175.00 or 3 for 250.00 or 4 for $ 

These are internal drives. If you want a box to mount the drive in - it is $ 
50.00 extra.

If you want other quantities, just ask - I need to get these out of my space 
so I can bring in some more 62xx stuff and have some room to put it in...

I also have a bunch of MAXTOR XT-8760E, ESDI 760 meg drives - they also are 
full ht. and work perfectly in vaxes with esdi controllers (I actually have an 
EMULEX esdi controller) I will sell these cheap too.

I have several RD-54's also  - some will need re-formatting as they have some 
bad sectors on them, but the electronics and the HDA of the drive is in good 
shape. IF you have a Microvax 2000, you can low level format them right in the 
box. I have a bunch of MV2000 (about 50) and options including I think some 
DHT-32's If u are interested in MV2000 or VS2000, let me know I got bunches of 
them both... And I think I also have some VX2000 graphics boards also...

I also have two decserver 5000 systems fully stacked with cxy08 cards. I 
have tons of decserver 300MC and decserver 200s

I have a whole lot of big system options including lots and lots of QBUS, 
UNIBUS and BI BUS boards I need to get out of my warehouse... I have lots of 
tape drives - TU81+, Telex 6253, Kennedy 9600 and 9800, let me know if you 
want any of those...

I also got some VS3100 - I dont know yet what cpu rev they are but I got a 
bunch of them... If you are interested in that, let me know...

And  I have some Texas Instruments Microlaser PLUS laserprinters. These are 
postscript laserprinter that have parallel, serial, and appletalk capability. 
I think the appletalk port is not on them, but is available from TI. They 
work, although I don't know how well... If you want a laser printer for cheap, 
let me know...

Also and this is really important, I have several LG-01 DEC Parallel 
LIneprinters. I have a couple of LG-02 as well and maybe one LG-03. I really 
need to clear these out. They work fine and are in good condition but I need 
the space. So please if you can use an additional one, help me get them out...

Well, I have more stuff, but I don't want to tie up these newsgroups with 
it... If you are looking for somthing, chances are I probably have it in my 

My accountants have told me to get the 7 warehouses condensed to two or three, 
so I must get rid of things... While I am not going to let them go for free, I 
will be very willing to wheel-and-deal on prices to sell them... 10 yrs of 
being in the dec business has taken its toll and it is like the old hillbilly 
that said "it's like wiping your hind-quarters with a railroad track - there's 
just no end to it" 

Help me get rid of some of this junk so I don't have to send it to the metal 

Incidentally, my telephone number is:

713-526-3425 - Mike Stubblefield, if you want to telephone me directly... or 
just return e-mail me.

Thank you all for the help you have given in my times of need.

Incidentally, the 11/751 is still sitting here in my office and I need it out 
- FREE FREE FREE - you just come and get ALL of it.