Subject: Re: sockaddr_dn
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Steve Whitehouse <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/10/1997 08:50:16
> At 06:39 PM 6/9/97 +0100, Steve Whitehouse wrote:
> >I'm after a description of the sockaddr_dn structure. I have a C
> >structure definition, but I want to know what the various fields
> >should contain and what the flags mean. The DECnet docs on gatekeeper
> >do not describe the structures used to interface with OS and
> >do not specify where I can find out this information.
> That's in the DECnet-ULTRIX or the DECnet/OSI for Digital UNIX
> doc sets.  My question is why you want to know.  sockaddr_dn's
> aren't useful under NetBSD.
> In a former instance of myself, I was responsible for most of
> the DECnet kernel code in ULTRIX and Digital UNIX.
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I have the documents from on DECnet and I am trying
to write a DECnet layer for Linux. It is progressing very slowly as I
no longer have any access to any other DECnet machines for testing. There
is a (very bad) web page which serves as a notice board for the project:

I started by asking on the Linux lists for help, but was pointed in
this direction by someone. It sounds like you are the person to ask
about such things if you don't mind answering my questions :-)