Subject: Re: sockaddr_dn
To: Steve Whitehouse <>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/09/1997 15:18:20
At 06:39 PM 6/9/97 +0100, Steve Whitehouse wrote:
>I'm after a description of the sockaddr_dn structure. I have a C
>structure definition, but I want to know what the various fields
>should contain and what the flags mean. The DECnet docs on gatekeeper
>do not describe the structures used to interface with OS and
>do not specify where I can find out this information.

That's in the DECnet-ULTRIX or the DECnet/OSI for Digital UNIX
doc sets.  My question is why you want to know.  sockaddr_dn's
aren't useful under NetBSD.

In a former instance of myself, I was responsible for most of
the DECnet kernel code in ULTRIX and Digital UNIX.
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