Subject: Re: Status On The 3100 Port..
To: Robert Alan Byer <>
From: Brian D Chase <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/08/1997 21:49:06
On 7 Jun 1997, Robert Alan Byer wrote:
 > I was just interestd in knowing how the port for the 3100 is going.

I'm running it in a netbooted configuration as are a handful of others
that I'm aware of.  At this point you need a VS3100/30/40/38/48 with a
SCSI/SCSI controller, or you need a VS3100/76.  I've yet to hear of any
success stories with the MicroVAX 3100's (but if anyone has done this I'd
certainly like to know :-)

I was bored a while ago and wrote some stuff on netbooting the VS3100 from
a Linux server.  However, I was also bored this weekend and got an OpenBSD
system up and running, so I'll be writing a complimentary section for
netbooting from a BSD server sometime soon.

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