Subject: Re: More Problems With Maxtor XT-4380E ESDI Hard Disk...
To: Robert Byer <byer@mail.ALL-NET.NET>
From: Tim Shoppa <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/07/1997 15:15:50
> I have one drive that boots up with VAX/VMS just fine, the problem is that 
> it ALWAYS thinks its "DUA1:" and I can't get it to think it's anything but
> that which is kinda annoying as I have a secod one of these drive that I
> can't get to really do anything.
> My question is one, is their any jumpers that would tell the drive to act 
> this way?  I've looked over both of my drives and they are both jumpered 
> the same, but I can only boot off the the DUA1: drive and the other comes
> back as "offline" and I'm fairly sure it's a good disk.
> The controller card is a quad sized card and the only thing I can find on 
> it an EPROM labed "ESDI-v2.3 SPECTRALOG".  Does anyone know about these and
> is their anything special I'm going to have to do to the board to get these 
> two XT-4380E drives to work together?

>From the EPROM label, you have a Webster ESDI controller that has been
rebadged by Spectralogic.  (Sigma, Qualogy, and DSD also rebadged this same
board with their own labels.)  To get into the WOMBAT formatting/testing
utility on a Microvax II, do the following:

1.  Halt the CPU.
2.  At the ">>>" prompt, type D/P/W 20001F40 (enable Q-bus access to memory)
3.  Then do a "D/L 20088008 80000002" (setup the Q-bus map entry)
4.  Then do a "D/W 20001468 AC" (to have Wombat load the comm program)
5.  Do a "S 400" to start WOMBAT.

Note that if the controller is setup for a different CSR than
the default 17772150, you'll have to use a different number instead
of "20001468" to load Wombat's comm program.

On the Webster/Sigma/Qualogy/Spectralogic controllers, all drives
connected to the controller must be jumpred to different ID's.  To
quote from the Sigma manual:


(The caps are there in the text!!!)

If you'd like a copy of the entire manual, get me your postal address.

Tim. (