Subject: Re: More Problems With Maxtor XT-4380E ESDI Hard Disk...
To: Robert Byer <>
From: Kevin McQuiggin <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/07/1997 11:19:39
All the drives on the controller should be set by jumpers on the drive to
drive 0. It's the controller card that differentiates between the two
drives. Grab the drive specs and jumper info off of the net.

Note that the card has one fat and two thin cables. The fat cable goes to
both drives, each thin cable (one is for DUx0, the other for DUx1) goes to
one of the drives.

The "x" in DUx0" will vary depending upon how many disk controllers you
have in the machine. Since you likely only have one controller, that's why
you're seeing DUA0, DUA1 etc.

Look at the board, the connectors for the thin cables should be labelled
drive 0, drive 1, or something similar.

As you're booting (always) off of DUA1, perhaps there's no system on your
DUA0, or it's defective. I suggest swapping the thin cables that go to the
drives, rebooting, and the machine should come up on DUA0.

The drive could be bad, but more likely is that you have to tell the
controller the drive parameters (similar to CMOS settings in the PC world).
I'm not familiar with this type of controller but I'm sure someone here
will be. Once you tell the controller the drive specs then you should
format and verify the drive, this too is controller dependant.

Hope this helps, good luck.


At 12:21 PM 97/06/07 EDT, Robert Byer wrote:
>I with to thank everyone that helped out with my last problem, had I 
>noticed I would have noticed the difference.
>Now on to a new problem...
>I have one drive that boots up with VAX/VMS just fine, the problem is that 
>it ALWAYS thinks its "DUA1:" and I can't get it to think it's anything but
>that which is kinda annoying as I have a secod one of these drive that I
>can't get to really do anything.
>My question is one, is their any jumpers that would tell the drive to act 
>this way?  I've looked over both of my drives and they are both jumpered 
>the same, but I can only boot off the the DUA1: drive and the other comes
>back as "offline" and I'm fairly sure it's a good disk.
>The controller card is a quad sized card and the only thing I can find on 
>it an EPROM labed "ESDI-v2.3 SPECTRALOG".  Does anyone know about these and
>is their anything special I'm going to have to do to the board to get these 
>two XT-4380E drives to work together?
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