Subject: Re: Help With Maxtor XT-4380E MFM Hard Drives...
To: Gordon Zaft <zaft@Artisoft.COM>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/06/1997 19:45:03
On June 6, you wrote:
> > So far so good, I now have a system that has 2 XT-4380E on a RQDX 
> > controller.
> 	Are you sure?  I thought the 4380E was an ESDI disk, not MFM.

  You're right...and the RQDX controllers are hard-coded for MFM disks
with certain geometries...notably:

  RD50	Seagate ST-506	5mb
  RD51	Seagate ST-412	10mb
  RD52	Quantum Q540	35mb
  RD53	Micropolis 1325	71mb
  RD54	Maxtor XT-2190	159mb
  RD31	Seagate ST-225	20mb
  RD32	Seagate ST-251	42mb

                           -Dave McGuire