Subject: RE: More VS2000 booting problems
To: 'Karl Maftoum' <>
From: Ari Suutari <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/02/1997 09:15:54

On 31. toukokuuta 1997 1:11, Karl Maftoum 
[] wrote:
> > o /var/log/messages says that the "Do you have MOPBOOT (Yes)" is
> > repeated 47 times
> Ahhh ok... i've seen this one before, it never sends "Send me MOPBOOT"..
> hmmm .. just a question when it says bootfile do you type MOPBOOT or
> mopboot (before everyone flames me, it may be trivial but you never
> know).. it must be typed in lower case.

	I had similar problems with mopd 2.5.3. However, when I tried
	with mopd 2.4.4, the system behaves differently (I wasn't able to
	boot completely with this either, but at least tcpdump shows that
	something is being sent over network now). My mopd
	machine is a FreeBSD box.

		Ari S.