Subject: Re: More VS2000 booting problems
To: Paul Evans <paule@shadowfax.martex.GEN.OH.US>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 06/01/1997 16:19:09
> > 
> > > And, wouldn't be nice for all NetBSD machines to have an identical
> > > "phase 1" boot loader with diagnostics?
> > 
> > Yes that would be nice but, at that level your very hardware dependent.
> That's kinda the point. I'm saying a similar (in syntax & sematics) to the
> user first stage boot loader would be nice.
> For example if you had a VAX and 386, you'd load the image via MOP on the
> VAX & floppy on the 386 -- and after that the NetBoot config is identical.
AFAIK the boot syntax is identical on all architectures - except VAX,
which have the same syntax that old BSD had. I have thought about changing
it, but because some VAXen lacks any way to do timing except with
interrupts, I stayed with the old way.

-- Ragge