Subject: Re: vs2000 (surprise!) MOP etc.
To: Oscar Oberg <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/28/1997 09:35:43
> Isn't it possible to load the entire kernel via MOP? If not, am I gonna
> have to wait until someone writes a TFTP-loader MOP image file? Even if
> there isn't support for root fs on NFS it'd be nice to see a screenful
> of cryptic kernel messages. :)
There _is_ support for root & swap over NFS. But the principle is not
to load the kernel via MOP, you just load the boot program that 
loads the kernel. I have been writing some standalone drivers for 
qe and le last days, so this will be possible in a couple of days.
NOTE: I remember that there were some problem with MOP-loading VS2000
with moj's mop-loader, but I don't know if it's fixed.

-- Ragge