Subject: The FAQ (was: RE: Netscape 4.0b2)
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From: Gunnar Helliesen <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/27/1997 01:38:58

You do have a point. One problem could be that when someone asks a FAQ
nobody bothers to answer simply because we've been over it again and
again. Like "is there support for the VAXstation 3100 yet?"

This is partly my fault since I haven't had the time to properly
maintain the FAQ pages lately. I'll find the time and do a major
overhaul shortly. However, I could use the help of the list members:

What questions (with answers) need to be added to the FAQ? I know that
the list of supported hardware should be updated, there should be
something about the recent developments with the uVAX/VAXstation 2000
and some parts are obsolete and should be removed. But what else?

Please send your suggestions to me. You don't have to include the answer
if you don't know it, but if you do it would be a great help! ,-)

By the way, I can't make up my mind whether I should officially move the
FAQ pages to my uVAX II or not. Keeping them in my account on our Alpha
might be simpler for me and make the pages faster to download but
somehow it seems more appropriate to host them on a uVAX running
NetBSD/vax. What do you all think?


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>I have asked a few 
>constructive questions in the past and  aide from a couple loud remarks
>from people there was no real good answer.  I see a lot of questions asked
>that seem  never to be answered.  So I would suggest that we improve
>this list by at least having somebody field questions if nobody appearantly
>answers them after a few days, or the list is useless.