Subject: Re: The FAQ (was: RE: Netscape 4.0b2)
To: '' <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Boris Gjenero <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/26/1997 20:48:07
Gunnar Helliesen wrote:
> What questions (with answers) need to be added to the FAQ? I know that
> the list of supported hardware should be updated, there should be
> something about the recent developments with the uVAX/VAXstation 2000
> and some parts are obsolete and should be removed. But what else?

One thing that I would really like to see in the FAQ is information
regarding installation using floppies.  When I looked, all I saw is how
to install from a TK50, and those aren't exactly easy to find.  I
finally reallized that a floppy installation was possible when somebody
e-mailed me and I looked at the distribution.  (I thought it was
hopeless because the FAQ didn't even mention it while it mentioned much
more twisted install procedures.)
However, I still had no info on how to actually do it, such as how to
connect the floppy drive and how to write the disk images.  I ended up
checking the other connector on the hard drive cable and concluding that
a PC drive might work.  I also beleive somebody also e-mailed me and
told me that this could work.  It sure seemed to.
I still don't have the info on how to write the disks.  I'll just try
the standard PC 1.2 meg format or the test 70 format on the VAXstation
2000 and then cat the files to the disks.  

BTW.  The only reason I didn't do this install is because I had no 5.25
floppies to use and the connectors on my 3.5" drive needed adapters
which I didn't have.  This weekend I'll grab a box or two of floppies
that I have stored away, and then I'll see if it works.

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