Subject: Re: Netscape...
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Boris Gjenero <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/26/1997 18:33:08
Andrew Kerr wrote:
>         Since we are supposed to be talking about NetBSD/VAX, then I'd like to
> mention that I really need another hard drive for my MicroVAX II that will
> hold NetBSD.  I don't want to erase my two 71mb MFM drives with ultrix :).
> Would it fit on the two 71mb drives anyways?  If anyone's got a drive that
> they want to get rid of for *really* cheap, let me know.

The place to check for MFM drives is any local surplus place.  Here I
have KW Surplus, which sells MFM drives for $5.  However, the catch is
that there is no warranty whatsoever.  The drives don't even have to
However, even if you have to buy more it would be a better deal because
places that actually sell these will rip you off incredibly for what
these are worth.

I have two MFM drives in a PC.  One is a ST251, which is 40 meg, half
height 5 1/4.  Digital calls it RD32.  I forget what the other is but it
is 20 megs full height.  I would consider swapping for an equivalent or
better storage capacity and speed non-MFM drive if somebody really wants
these.  However, shipping may not make it worth it.

Oh yeah, this is ridiculously small.  The biggest MFM drive ever made is
the RD54, which I think is 159 megs.  However, the ST251 can happily
hold the more important parts of Linux with room to spare.  It should be
able to hold the essential parts of NetBSD, but if you want the whole
thing then you may be forced to NFS mount stuff from a server. 

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