Subject: Netscape...
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Andrew Kerr <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/26/1997 16:53:59
>I have seen Netscape crash *way* too often.  Everything from 2.00 to 3.00
>including all the betas and final versions is way too unstable.  It is to
>a web browser what Windows is to an operating system. It is okay if you
>want to use it for browsing simple pages, but any complex web page
>(especially frames and Java) will kill it.  Disabling Java and running in
>8 bpp mode tends to make it live a bit longer.

	I've been running 2.0 on linux kernel 2.0.0 throught 2.0.29 with XFree86
and fvwmrc and fvwm95 in 32 bpp, with jave enabled and I've *never* had it
crash on me.  Not once.  I also boot Win95 when I need to word process, and
I've run every version of Netscape from the betas of version 1 and I've
only had it crash twice, on version 2 beta something.  I'm running 4.0b2 on
Win95 now.
	Perhaps you've got incompatable hardware or something?  I've been using my
Nx586-100 PCI board/processor, and if that works I'd think that anything
would :).  It doesn't even have an fpu!  I also run it on my K5100 on an
8500TVX motherboard, without a crash.  I've not done it since I threw out
my IDE devices though because slackware doen't like my 2940AU and I'm too
lazy to make a new kernel.
	I've never tried it on any of my vaxs...  Netscape sucks on a mac.

	Since we are supposed to be talking about NetBSD/VAX, then I'd like to
mention that I really need another hard drive for my MicroVAX II that will
hold NetBSD.  I don't want to erase my two 71mb MFM drives with ultrix :).
Would it fit on the two 71mb drives anyways?  If anyone's got a drive that
they want to get rid of for *really* cheap, let me know.

	I can't wait until the VaxStation 3100m48 and VaxServer 3100 are
supported... GOT NetBSD/VAX!!!!!!!!