Subject: Succesful boot on VS2000!
To: '' <>
From: Ari Suutari <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/18/1997 08:42:39

	Last night I got my VS2000 up with NetBSD-current kernel.
	The configuration I'm running is 4 Mb memory, RD31 (for root fs)
	and a RX33 (for booting). I was even able to do installation
	with 1.2C miniroot floppies using edlabel/copy, just had to 
	replace the kernel with a working one.

	If anyone is interested, I can make the kernel/copy/edlabel/boot available.
	I think that I could also provide diffs for necessary changes
	on kernel sources (there were not many places needing
	changes). However, I think that at least one change I made might
	need different implementation (works but might not be good style).

		Ari S.