Subject: Re: Vax Server 3100
To: Wonko the Sane @ ~ <>
From: Juergen Schoew <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/15/1997 01:47:43
On 14-Feb-97 Wonko the Sane @ ~ wrote in Re: Vax Server 3100:
>ps: does anyone have a running VS2000 (with NetBSD) that would like to help me
>out?  maybe reduce the traffic on this mailing list if needed.  thanks.

Well i can`t say running. I have a VS2000 that runs the 1.1A Kernel from
Bertram and most of the 1.2C Snapshot, but the VS2000 often fails with an
Core-Dump. I tried to compile an 1.2C Kernel on an VAX Station 3200 but last
night this machine also had problems. 
It was very difficult to install the system, I managed it to install the 1.2C
snapshot with the rx33 Disks and then run the test.v20 disk to boot the VS2000.
I had to copy some programs from our 3200 and then the station run. 
Tonight I have tried to install the Final 1.2 Code with the 1.1A Kernel, but
this failed shortly after starting the sheduler.



PS: Is someone having a runing 1.2C Kernel?