Subject: Re: Vax Server 3100
To: None <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/14/1997 15:50:29
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On February 14, you wrote:
> > If a Vax Server 3100 is more or less the same as a VAXstation 3100,
> > (on the KA410 board there's one jumper which toggles VAXstation 2000
> > to be MicroVAX 2000) then the same holds as for other VAXstations:
> ok, so this makes me ask the question.  should i run my VS 2000 as a VS2000
> or a uV2000??
> just curious.  what's the difference anyway?

  The jumper disables the framebuffer for uV2000 mode.  Then the
keyboard & mouse ports also become additional serial ports if you have
the little dongle connector for the back.

                  -Dave McGuire