Subject: KA-42/43
To: Wade A. Lich <>
From: Bertram Barth <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/14/1997 10:39:16
Wade A. Lich writes:
> Is the KA-42 or KA-43 cpu supported in any form at this time by NetBSD? 
> This would be the VAXStation 3100 Mod 48 and 76 respectively.  Could some
> one let me know the if there is a plan to port to these models!  I have one
> of each plugging along running VMS att.  I would like to switch at least
> one of them to NetBSD.

In one word: NO

Some of the preliminary steps are done, but there's no support yet.
IMHO it makes sense to derive support for KA42 and KA43 from the KA410
(VS200) port. Thus AFAIK any work on other VAXstations is delayed
until KA410 support is in NetBSD-current and working.


PS: I still think (hope?) that there's no big step from KA410 to
    KA42 and KA43. With a slightly modified 1.1A VS2000-kernel i 
    once managed to boot my VS3100/76 into single-user '#'-prompt.
    (It crashed when accessing the network, crashed when enabling
    the cache, had many other problems and was quite unusable, but
    at least this state should be easy to derive from a KA410 port.)