Subject: Vax Server 3100
To: Lonnie Lewis <>
From: Bertram Barth <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/14/1997 09:29:06
Lonnie Lewis writes:
> Is there a port of NetBSD for this machine?

If a Vax Server 3100 is more or less the same as a VAXstation 3100,
(on the KA410 board there's one jumper which toggles VAXstation 2000
to be MicroVAX 2000) then the same holds as for other VAXstations:

The VAXstations are quite different from the already supported VAXen,
but in many respects quite similiar to the VAXstation 2000. Support for
VS2000 is almost there, and when this port is complete and working, 
then this will be the starting point for the VS3100 port. (Some of
the basics for VS3100 support are already there, but some other parts
are missing or not working. IMHO it's a good idea to wait with this
until VS2000 support is working and integrated into NetBSD-current).


PS: in short words: No, but maybe soon. (whatever that means ;-)