Subject: RE: VS2000 and NetBSD-current
To: '' <>
From: Ari Suutari <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/12/1997 09:11:29

	I have now almost managed to get a NetBSD-current -based (after 1.2C snapshot)
	kernel to boot on a VS2000 by doing some minor changes to dzcons.c.
	Kernel boots up fine, but I have still couple of problems:
	- 19 is not recognized as a valid major number for root fs drive (the mfm drive)
	- RX33 is not recognized by kernel,
	- When I type rd0a when kernel asks for root fs, it panics in parsedisk,
	- After a panic, it won't boot again unless I recycle the power
	  (loads but crashes very early).

	Anyway, it seems that most of the support needed is already in place.
	Which is great.

		Ari S.

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From:	Bertram Barth []
Sent:	7. helmikuuta 1997 9:48
Subject:	VS2000 and NetBSD-current

Situation was that NetBSD-current compiled for VS2000 doesn't work.

Havin' a look into the sources sometimes helps in getting a clue ;-/

One of ragge's last messages about DZ made me rethink what I wrote.
After having a look into current sources I found that ragge already
explained this behaviour completely. (the missing support for VS2000's
output routines are the reason why there's no output on your terminal;
it's an endless loop also but there's no relation to memory counting 
or pmap.c).

Sorry for the confusion.