Subject: Re: progress report on MOP
To: None <wonko@uscom.COM>
From: Tim Shoppa <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/11/1997 17:33:35
> just curious since i still don't have a way to burn boot floppies for this 
> thing and i'm not adventurous enough to take the case off and jam a SCSI
> cable in there and use my WangTek-5150ES

The question is, of course, "where are you gonna jam that SCSI cable in
there?"  I've got a CMD CQD 440 in my 3600 that allows me to use SCSI tape 
drives (i.e. Exabytes) quite nicely, and as far as the software on the VAX is
concerned the SCSI drive is a TK70.  But what do you have on your 3600?