Subject: Re: Trouble with installation. Help me, please !
To: Dmitry Zykin <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/11/1997 17:12:21
> Hi,
>  When trying to install NetBSD-1.2 on a microVAX II two problems
>  arose.
>  FIRST, RX50-bootdisk-12 won't boot with an error 22, "unknown
>  error during boot". The boot file was copied on an RX50
>  diskette with the commands
I have only tried to write to RX50 from UNIX, and it works. Can't help
you with the VMS way to do it, sorry.

>  SECONDLY, we managed to boot from a TK-50 tape, but failed to
>  go farther than edlabel. In answer to the prompt
>  Label which disk?
>  we gave ra(2,0,0), meaning DUC0:, after which the program hang.
Here's your problem: DUC isn't supported from the miniroot. If you
change it to DUB instead (760334) it will probably work much better.

-- Ragge