Subject: Re: Install over net?
To: Tim Shoppa <>
From: Bertram Barth <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/11/1997 08:31:52
Tim Shoppa writes:
> > This last comment worries me a little; am I correct in assuming
> > that it means a uVax II (KA650) miniroot won't work with a VS2000?
> Oops - I meant "KA630", though it'd also be interesting to know if
> the KA630 and KA650 use the same miniroot, too.

The miniroot mainly holds two parts, the kernel and a minimal set of
binaries, neccessary to prepare (newfs, fsck, mount) and do (ftp,
nfs_mount, tar, gzip) the intstallation.
The binaries are the same for all different VAXen, the only difference
is the kernel. If the generic kernel on a miniroot supports your VAX,
then you can use it. The more recent the kernel is, the more VAXen are
supported. For a given miniroot it depends on the age of the kernel.
[given a list of dates when support for new VAXen was added to the
kernels, one could easily decide the maximum age of working miniroots]
Also in principle it's possible to replace the kernel with a newer one 
with support for a given machine and leave the rest of the miniroot
alone (modulo some new devices).