Subject: Install over net?
To: Tim Shoppa <>
From: Bertram Barth <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/11/1997 08:10:17
> On most Unix-type boxes that I've used, configuring the Ethernet
> requires a kernel build.  Is that necessary (or even possible)
> with a miniroot on a VS2000?  Or is a VS2000's ethernet port already
> built into the miniroot's kernel, and all I have to do is an ifconfig?
> Gunnar's FAQ indicates that the DEQNA driver is in the miniroot
> kernel, but it's not obvious to me if the VS2000's ethernet port is handled
> by this.

miniroots usually hold generic kernels and these generic kernels have 
ethernet support built in. Thus with any miniroot available in public
ifconfig is all you have to do. BTW: VS2000 doesn't use the DEQNA (qe)
driver but the LANCE (le) driver, thus "ifconfig le0 ...."
miniroot holds not only the ftp-binary but also the nfs_mount-binary, 
so you have both options to get/use the rest of the installation files:
ftp and (what i prefer) nfs.