Subject: Re: VS2000 is ready to install, i think
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG,>
From: Mike Young <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/07/1997 09:42:06
Wonko the Sane utters:
-> Bertram Barth drunkenly mumbled...
-> > PS: I just read the mail from Mike Young which says he has a bootable
-> >     miniroot from 1.1 lying around. Maybe this is the only chance you
-> >     have at the moment...
-> that would be great, is there somewhere i could pick it up?  

	I have added three file to my anonymous ftp collection at
'',, in /pub/microvax. They are:
'bootimage', the bootable (tape) image containing the boot, edlabel, and copy
routines; 'vs2k_miniroot', the tape image of the miniroot I used to begin
my installation on the VS2000; and 'vs2kbsd', my latest kernel for the 
VS2000.  THERE ARE CAVEATS - please read on.

	The kernel in file 'vs2kbsd' was built from modified NetBSD 1.1A
sources, with much help from Bertram Barth. I NO LONGER HAVE THOSE SOURCES
due to a disk crash, and of course no backups.  This kernel looks for the
console on the "communications" serial port, since my VS2000 has a broken
"printer/console" serial port. Therefore, if you are using a "headless"
VS2000, and you want to use this kernel, you'll have to start off by using
the printer/console port to point the boot program at the kernel; once that
takes off, you'll have to reconnect the terminal to the communications port
to watch the boot proceed.  To make it even harder, the two ports have different connectors :-( C'est la vie.

	I honestly cannot remember which device is used as console by the
kernel in the miniroot. It could be either the printer port, or the comm
port. I suspect it is the comm port.

	If your unit has the display and keyboard, like mine does, just
use the ROM monitor that comes up at powerup to initiate the boot.
Once the kernel takes over, you'll see nothing further on the monitor.
I'm working on this part (har har guffaw snicker :-).

	I have deliberately avoided discussion of how to get the kernel on
to the VS2000 in the first place :-)  I originally used the TK50, which
I wrote on a uVax II (he of the crashed disk). Bertram has successfully used
a floppy; I do not have a floppy on mine.

	Lastly, I make these files available with no premise of support of any
kind. Caveat user, etc. etc. If you find it useful, fine. If not, tough.
Good luck, and enjoy.

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