Subject: Re: X term out of uVax2000?
To: None <>
From: A. Sporner <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/06/1997 10:10:34
Hello Bertram,

> > at porting the X11R6 libraries... NOT THE SERVER.  I have a Sequent machine
>      ^^^^^^^
> I might have gotten this wrong, but IMO there should be no problem
> to compile the X11R6 libraries and client binaries for NetBSD/vax.
> I did it some month ago with 1.1 and I don't remember any serious
> problems. (The only problem I remember is that with static linkage
> these binaries get rather big...)

You are correct.  I was not aware of such an effort.  I didn't imagine
the difficulty as being high, just that I had little time to put towards
it.  It would be good if you could make these available.  I know that
my machine would be significantly more useful if I could run X clients
on it.

> PS: I think I have these old X11 binaries for 1.1 still lying around
>     somewhere. If anybody is interested I could make them available.

Best Regards