Subject: Re: TK70
To: Rick Copeland <>
From: Jonathan Sturges <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/05/1997 17:37:28
On Wed, 5 Feb 1997, Rick Copeland wrote:

> I have a VAX3600 that includes 2ea. RA82'S, 1ea. TU81 and a TK70 tape drive.
> Currently I have no documentation on the machine and would like to find a
> set.  Does anyone know where I can find a documentation set for my machine.
> Also will a TK70 read TK50 tapes or how should I proceed with trying to
> install NetBSD?
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I know very little about Vax hardware, but I do know that a TK70 can read 
TK50 tapes.

good luck,