Subject: Re: VS2000 is ready to install, i think
To: VAX NetBSD Mailing List <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Wonko the Sane @ ~ <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/04/1997 22:14:20
Bertram Barth drunkenly mumbled...
> booting via mopd is not yet supported. Thus you need a device which can
> be written somewhere else and then read by VS2000. This means either
> tape (TK50) or floppy (RX33).

is there anybody that can help me out with this?  i don't have anything here
to write a boot floppy with.

> From what Ari Suutari wrote it seems that in the moment it's not possible
> to build a bootable/runnable kernel for VS2000 from NetBSD-current...

so what to i have to fall back on? 1.1? 1.2?

> > 3) what miniroot do i need?
> There's no binary distribution with support for VS2000 yet.


> This will work (and it's almost exactly what I do at my system). It will
> also be possible to add SCSI-disks to the VS2000. But the boot-prom doesn't
> support SCSI-disks, thus you can't use them as boot-device (/usr is OK).
> Once the kernel is loaded, there's no need for / no help from mop/mopd.

it has an ST251 inside that i can boot from and lay down basics on.  i'll
probably just be happy with NFS since i don't care to try to take this thing
apart to fudge the expansion box.  (MFM & SCSI thinger)

> The graphic console is not supported at the moment, so in any case
> headless configuration is the only thing which has a chance...

which is why i didn't buy a keyboard/monitor for it when i picked it up.
(the vs2000 was free, the monitor and keyboard the guy wanted money for)

> PS: I just read the mail from Mike Young which says he has a bootable
>     miniroot from 1.1 lying around. Maybe this is the only chance you
>     have at the moment...

that would be great, is there somewhere i could pick it up?  

thanks a ton!!