Subject: VS2000 is ready to install, i think
To: None <>
From: Bertram Barth <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/03/1997 16:08:43
Wonko the Sane writes:
> ok, the VAXstation 2000 is ready to have stuff installed.  several questions
> on how to proceed.
> 1) i have mopd-linux, can i boot the vs2000 from this or do i still need a
>    boot floppy?

booting via mopd is not yet supported. Thus you need a device which can
be written somewhere else and then read by VS2000. This means either
tape (TK50) or floppy (RX33).

> 2) what exact files do i get? just all the stuff from the vax directory on

>From what Ari Suutari wrote it seems that in the moment it's not possible
to build a bootable/runnable kernel for VS2000 from NetBSD-current...

> 3) what miniroot do i need?

There's no binary distribution with support for VS2000 yet.

> 4) will i be able to install a minimal NetBSD configuration on one ST251 and
>    mount the rest via NFS? (/usr comes to mind for NFS), and if so, what all
>    do i need? mopd? or just plain NFS?

This will work (and it's almost exactly what I do at my system). It will
also be possible to add SCSI-disks to the VS2000. But the boot-prom doesn't
support SCSI-disks, thus you can't use them as boot-device (/usr is OK).
Once the kernel is loaded, there's no need for / no help from mop/mopd.

> basically, i just need to know how to get started, the install doc is very
> sparse.  i got the terminal attatched and booted up the thing, does all the
> diag stuff and drops me into the ROM monitor.  typing boot fires up MicroVMS
> which gets so far and dies.  
> how do i put NetBSD on this thing?  it's headless, so the whole video console
> thing is moot point.  will NetBSD be useful in the headless configuration?

The graphic console is not supported at the moment, so in any case
headless configuration is the only thing which has a chance...


PS: I just read the mail from Mike Young which says he has a bootable
    miniroot from 1.1 lying around. Maybe this is the only chance you
    have at the moment...