Subject: New snapshot uploaded!
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/03/1997 15:51:58
I have (the last week) compiled and tested a new snapshot, NetBSD 1.2C.
It is just uploaded. New things to note compared to 1.2:

- New MSCP subsystem. This means that the autoconfig of ra and mt tapes
  now looks a little bit different. Note also that RX floppies now work,
  they are configured up as ra disks. This fill be breaken out of the 
  ra disk driver into a separate routine later.

- Autoconfig of ra disks now work, even with cloning of devices.

- Can now mount root over NFS :-)

This snapshot shall work on MicroVAX II also! I've tried it.
NOTE: I just discovered that tapes _cannot_ be written under post-1.2
of NetBSD, due to a bug in the new code. Fix will come later.

Installation can either be done the traditional way with edlabel, copy etc...
but can also be done with root over NFS. This system works in the same
way as on Sun's, i have had root and swap on a 4/400 and it works good.
NOTE! It's not possible (yet) to boot over net! 
If you write the tapes on a TK50, then you can load just the kernel if
you do in the following way (on MVII):

>>>B/3 MUA0
: mt(0,1)netbsd

root device? qe0
filesystem type? nfs

Good luck!

-- Ragge