Subject: Re: VS2000 is ready to install, i think
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG,>
From: Mike Young <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/02/1997 09:29:20
Brian ( writes:
-> ok, the VAXstation 2000 is ready to have stuff installed.  several questions
-> on how to proceed.
-> 1) i have mopd-linux, can i boot the vs2000 from this or do i still need a
->    boot floppy?

	Way back when, I booted my 2000 from the TK50 in the expansion box. I
*wrote* the TK50 on a MVII. However, there have been reports since then of
successful net-boots using the ROM mop. "B ESA0:" if I recall correctly.
Others will have to fill you in on this set of bits. Bertram (Barth), as I
recall, boots his VS2000 from a floppy.

-> 2) what exact files do i get? just all the stuff from the vax directory on

	Essentially, yes. 
-> 3) what miniroot do i need?

	Check with Bertram. I'm using one I built, based on V1.1 and some
changes that Bertram wrote, for which I no longer have the sources (disk
crash :-(( ) The 1.2 tree purports to have 2000 support, but I have not had
time to seriously try it.

-> 4) will i be able to install a minimal NetBSD configuration on one ST251 and
->    mount the rest via NFS? (/usr comes to mind for NFS), and if so, what all
->    do i need? mopd? or just plain NFS?

	Plain NFS works fine.
-> basically, i just need to know how to get started, the install doc is very
-> sparse.  i got the terminal attatched and booted up the thing, does all the
-> diag stuff and drops me into the ROM monitor.  typing boot fires up MicroVMS
-> which gets so far and dies.  

	Good sign. Sounds like the HW is solid.

-> how do i put NetBSD on this thing?  it's headless, so the whole video console
-> thing is moot point.  will NetBSD be useful in the headless configuration?

	Yup. Owing to the fact that I have not worked on the video console
thing, mine runs the same way. Console is a VT320 on one of the serial ports.
Don't expect blazing speed, though. :-)

-> thanks for all your help!!
-> -wonko

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